2021.04.28 minutes

ECB update

ECB has finished work on the SFRDP 5.0 taxonomy. Taxonomy is shared with NCAs for testing. Deadline for comments on the taxonomy is 30 April 2021.

The few comments on technical aspects received will be incorporated in the final taxonomy.

Publication expected in early June, assuming publication of the regulation in May by the EC.

First reference date is June 2021 with final submission date in September 2021.

EIOPA update

EIOPA is finalising the PEPP KID taxonomy and will be published in the upcoming one or two weeks.

EIOPA and EBA still working on the DPM Refit initiative in cooperation with the ECB. On December 2020 the DPM Refit project was presented to the NCAs with the focus on the potential improvements on information modelling technics. Since then the group is mainly working on the evolution of the validations. For the future phases is starting to be considered a potential development of harmonised software tools to adapt to the DPM Refit changes, in case the project is confirmed more information will be shared when possible.

SRB update

SRF taxonomy will be published in July 2021.

Timeline for submission SRF data will be same as last year.

LDR taxonomy will be an extension of the EBA taxonomy 3.1.phase2.

It will add entry points and validation rules, not data points.

EBA update

Release 3.1 phase1 IWD1 (Investment Firms framework) has been reviewed by the NCAs, EBA is integrating the feedback and will produce a new draft version for BoS review before 30 April. The package normally should be published by 10 May 2021

A new versionĀ  of the EBA Filing Rules (v5.0) will be published alongside taxonomy 3.1.phase1. EBA is extending the filing rules document to xBRL-CSV format, the rules on xBRL-XML format are unchanged to version 4.5.

EBA will begin work on 3.1.phase2 after the publication of 3.1.phase1. Two frameworks will be in phase 2: SBP and Resolution. EBA plans to publish 3.1.phase2 in July.

ESMA Update

ESEF reporting was delayed in the majority of the jurisdictions, but a number of voluntary filings were done.

ESMA is looking forward to receiving feedback from any party involved.

Taxonomy 2020 is being incorporated in the RTS. Adoption of the legal act is ongoing, more news about the expected publication will be in next calls; presumably it will be in Q4.


XBRL Europe is organizing a number of sessions in the week of 26-30 April, primarily around ESEF.

Data Amplified event of last week was quite interesting.

More info on Eurofiling events is available on https://2021.eurofiling.info/

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