2021.05.26 minutes

EIOPA update

From EIOPA only to note that the Public Working Draft for the 2.6.0 Taxonomy for Insurance and Pension Funds will be published the next 1 June. As usual, it will offer 4 weeks for public test and review and the final version is expected to be published by 15 July 2021.

SRB update

Fund reporting:

the board will decide in the first week of June what the structure of the report will be for the round of 2022: additional data points are on that list. Publication is expected for the end of July 2021.

Resolution reporting:

ResRep 6.x will be based on EBA 3.1.phase2. SRB will only add entry points and validation rules, no additional data points.

EBA update

Release 3.0

EBA is analyzing issues in COREP.

(additional info per 4 June: an hotfix release EBA 3.0 errata 3 has been published).

Release 3.1.phase1 was published on 10 May 2021.

This release contains a new version of the EBA Filing Rules, covering the new xBRL-CSV reporting format. The rules for xBRL-XML haven’t changed. Feedback on these updates are very welcome. The final version of those filing rules will be published with 3.1.phase2.

A internal working draft version of 3.1.phase 2 will be shared by EBA with the NCA’s in the first week of June.

Publication is expected for mid-July.

The EBA has done a study on the feasibility of Integrated Reporting: Eurofiling is looking at organizing a session on this topic at the meeting.


Upcoming publication of the 2021 update on RTS on ESEF, to be published at the end of May. Includes label updates in the ESEF taxonomy. It is expected that the Commission will adopt the package before the end of the year.

The focus of ESMA is further to update the taxonomy and the conformance suite package which is expected to be available in the autumn. Guidance will be provided on handling critical errors and warnings.


ECB has finished work on the SFRDP 5.0 taxonomy.

Last Friday, the corresponding ECB regulation was published in the Official Journal and hence, the taxonomy will be published in the first week of June. First reference date is June 2021 with final submission date in September 2021.


Various events are being planned around ESEF and mapping initiatives under the ERICA umbrella.

E.g. 5 July 2021: Eurofiling webinar on ESEF and XBRL Europe week (virtual) from 22 to 24 June.

More info on Eurofiling events is available on https://eurofiling.info/portal/events/.

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