2021.03.31 minutes

EBA update

EBA taxonomy 3.0.p2 was published on 18 March 2021.

EBA is currently working on the 3.1 taxonomy.

3.1.p1 Will contain the new framework for investment firms.

This release will contain the JSON metadata necessary for reporting in XBRL-CSV format.

This new format requires updates to the filing rules manual. A new version of this document will be published alongside the taxonomy.

Publication is expected around mid-May.

3.1.p2 Will contain the SBP and RESOL frameworks.

Publication is expected around mid-July.

An internal working draft (expected early June) will be shared with the NCAs and SRB for testing and development of extensions.

The EBA plans to incorporate validation rules created by SRB on the 2.10 version of the RESOL framework.

Discussions on the final submission dates for MREL/TLAC are ongoing.


ECB update

SFRDP 5.0 taxonomy is in development. The draft is ready and is being tested by ECB itself. The plan is to provide a draft version by mid-April to NCAs for testing and implementation in their systems, and the final version around end of April. Depending on the publication of the ECB FINREP regulation the package will likely be published in the month of May.


EIOPA update

EIOPA informed that the PEPP KID Taxonomy Public Working Draft is planned to be published by 3 May 2021.


SRB update

The Fund taxonomy for the 2022 cycle will have a few and minor changes and will be published by the end of July 2021.

The Resolution taxonomy for the 2022 cycle will, as always, be an extension of the EBA taxonomy, this time of version 3.1.p2.

The SRB portal will be adjusted in order to be able to receive reports based on the MREL framework.

SRB has updated the severity of a validation rule in the LDR report in the portal.


ESMA update

ESMA will build a new version of the ESEF taxonomy based on the 2021 IFRS taxonomy which was published last week.

The RTS of that taxonomy will be published at the end of May or early June and sent to the EC for approval.

ESMA intends to include more labels in the RTS.

Following approval the XBRL taxonomy will be created. Publication is expected for the autumn of 2021.


XBRL International Data Amplified from 14 till 16 April, register for free: https://web.cvent.com/event/27911b88-ed4b-42d6-92c4-03b8df903d2d/summary.

XBRL Europe organises for its members a virtual event at the end of April around ESEF. See https://www.xbrleurope.org/?p=4215.

The next Eurofiling event is scheduled for June 2021. Suggestions for topics for Eurofiling events are always welcome.
More info on  https://2021.eurofiling.info/.


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