2021.02.24 minutes

SRB update
1) SRF 2021 cycle is now closed. We are preparing the 2022 cycle to be published by end of July 2021.
2) ResRep 2021 cycle will be open on 1 March 2021 (Taxonomy RES 5.0.7 published on 30 Sep 2020 on SRB website).
We are also preparing the collect of the MREL_TLAC in XBRL for the reference date 30 June 2021 (included in EBA3.0 Ph2)

ECB update
SFRDP 5.0 taxonomy : the plan is to provide a draft version by mid-March available to NCAs for testing and implementation in their systems, and the final publication in April, depending on the publication of the ECB FINREP regulation which in principle is also planned for April.

EBA update
3.0 phase 2 is in review internally. Taking into account comments.
Currently planned for publication by mid of March if Board of Supervisors approves.
It contains new frameworks: MREL/TLAC, impracticability, revised version of AE, GSII.
Plus, a hotfix for COREP and FINREP (no changes in datapoints, mainly validation rules).

Then focus on 3.1. Framework for Investment firms, also resolution and SBP. Maybe in one phase, but maybe in two phases depending on EBA resources. Investment Firms in May and resolution and SBP in July. This will include JSON files to support XBRL-CSV.

EIOPA: no update

ESMA update
Currently waiting for publication of IFRS 2021 taxonomy planned in March to update the ESEF taxonomy.
Clarification on several areas (from stakeholder questions) will be published.
Small update in March-April, following the usual major update in July.
Ongoing consultation of EC on EU single access point. ESMA will contribute, it will be published next week, and others are encouraged to contribute as well as it is a key project for the EC (contributions until 12th of March here).
Increase machine readability of documents = necessity for the EU single access point

Upcoming events
Eurofiling event is in preparation for 11 March 14:00-16:00. Virtual online conference. For free. Panelists welcome! Idea is to provide a potential solution for structured reporting on Environment, following the lessons learned in financial reporting.
Periodicity and timetable according to the results of the Eurofiling survey.
Registration and information via https://2021.eurofiling.info/
Some ideas on non-financial reporting and how/where to find ESEF published documents.
Data Amplified (XBRL International) virtual event on 14-16 April. For free.

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