2021.01.27 minutes

SRB update

Data collection for SRF is ongoing. Data collection for LDR starts in March.

The project to update the taxonomies for the 2022 cycle will start soon.

For SRF only minor changes like additional risk indicators are expected.

LDR will be based on the Resolution framework provided by the EBA 3.1 taxonomy.

EBA update

3.0 Phase 1 is published.

Errors were found in the definitions of table C 47 and C 84 resulting in an in place update (a.k.a. hotfix) of the taxonomy leaving the publication date unchanged. Please note that the instance files created with the initial version are not compatible with this updated version of the taxonomy.

3.0 Phase 2 is expected to be published by the end of February. EBA plans to release an internal draft to NCAs for testing around mid February.

Some errors were found by users in the sample instances provided by EBA: naming convention not adhered to and samples for removed frameworks still exist. These errors will be fixed by EBA.

Release 3.1 is expected to be published by end of May. That could move to early June.

Please note that EBA has an email alert service that includes releases of the taxonomy. You can sign up to it from their website https://www.eba.europa.eu/subscription-page. There is also an rss service

ECB update

Development of SFRDP 5.0 has started and is expected to be finished by early March.

Publication of the taxonomy must follow publication of the ECB regulation, so is dependent on that.

As SFRDP 5.0 follows the EBA taxonomy it is expected to also use 4 digit column and row codes.

EIOPA update

EIOPA will publish during February the first Public Working Draft for the new Pan European Pension Funds Products (PEPP) regulation

EIOPA and EBA have resumed the work on DPM refit initiative. We encourage to the NCA to provide feedback about the first shared package by the end of January.

ESMA & ESEF update

There was a political agreement on the member state option to delay ESEF obligations by one year at the end of 2019.

Some Member States have already informed their issuers about their decision on delaying or not.

Information on which Member States will delay ESEF will be available on the European Commission website (page dedicated to the Transparency Directive) as soon as Member States will notify the delay to the Commission.


Data Amplified will be organised on 14, 15 and 16 April via web.

Eurofiling sent out a survey on topics for events. (https://eurofiling.info/portal/survey)

First results are that there is strong interest in supervisory reporting (EBA/ECB/EIOPA/SRB), ESEF (ESMA) on a quarterly basis for 2 hours in the afternoon.

Eurofiling also sent out a survey to find out of there is interest in receiving or providing (paid) XBRL training.

Topics mentioned introduction to XBRL, ESEF, supervisory reporting and assurance on XBRL. Limited interested in technically more advanced topics like DPM.

More response is very welcome, so please go to https://eurofiling.info/.

Other business

The European Commission has published a consultation on the establishment of a European single access point (ESAP) for financial and non-financial information publicly disclosed by companies.

For More information go to https://ec.europa.eu/info/consultations/finance-2021-european-single-access-point_en

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