2020.01.29 minutes

SRB update

Two data collections in place (SRF 2600/3100 files are received, closing end of January, mostly in XBRL; ResRep test portal is open Feb3 with the 4.0.3 taxonomy.

PROD opens March 1st; due date = 31.03.2020. For LSI banks the RESOL taxonomy will be used; for SI banks the SRB taxonomy extension is used.

2021 collection exercise is started with EBA with 2.10 RESOL taxonomy; an SRB extension is expected this summer).

ESMA update

ESMA is working on the following:

  • Preparation of ESEF conformance suite test files.
  • Preparation of an exemplary Annual Report in ESEF format in collaboration with the Global LEI Foundation.
  • Preparation of a Meet the Market event to explore the differences and similarities between ESEF and EDGAR reporting requirements for the benefit of FPIs filing to both the EU and the US. The event will take place on 5 February in Milan at the margins of XBRL Europe Day.

Please take note of 2019 ESEF taxonomy files published by ESMA at the end of the year, that followed the in the Official Journal of the EU of the draft RTS updating the RTS on ESEF.

XBRL Spain is working on test material for ESEF.

An issue has been found in non-English labels: non-standard labels (e.g. total) aren’t translated. See details and an Open Source solution at   http://www.openfiling.info/labelroles/
This topic will be discussed at the next XBRL EU meeting in Milan.

EIOPA update

EIOPA will publish a public consultation in February, for the review of the technical implementation means (DPM and XBRL) for the regular reporting and public disclosure. This is part of the big 2020 review of the Solvency II and it follows the business consultations done during 2019 for the review of the business requirements.

EIOPA will migrate the website on the first week of February. Some temporary unavailability of files may occur, in particular for the canonical location of the XBRL taxonomy files (htttp://eiopa.europa.eu/eu). EIOPA highlights the importance of using the taxonomy package which should not be affected. The assertion deactivations (hosted in the subdomain dev.eiopa) should not be affected.

ECB update

Once EBA publishes, ECB will work on the FINREP-DP taxonomy, a test period with NCAs is foreseen in the first week of March.

EBA update updated validation rule package will be published 31 Jan 2020.

EBA is working on DPM and taxonomy version 2.10 phase 1 ( Remuneration, Payment, Funding plan), target publication date is end of February.

TaskForce for Evolving the regulatory Reporting Format (TFERF) held its first meeting on 28 January 2020 to discuss the possible future reporting format.

Eurofiling conference

To be held in Madrid on 25, 26 and 27 May 2020.

More info on http://2020.eurofiling.info/.

European Green deal

The publications made by the European Commission include specific chapters dedicated to banks and related to sustainability.

More information is available on https://greenfiling.info/.

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