2019.11.27 minutes

ESMA update
ESMA is planning the publication of the ESEF 2019 taxonomy before the end of the year, after notification by the EC in the OJEU.
Eurofiling received an open source contribution from XBRL Spain to enrich the 2017 taxonomy with missing label roles.
Material is available op opensource.info

Further, a simple generation tool to generate an ESEF file from Excel and/or Word documents is made by Ignacio Boixo and Javi Mora which will be soon made public on opensource.info. This tool is useful for simple use cases and learning purposes.

ESMA emphasizes that issuers are only compliant with the regulation if the publication to the public (eg. on their website) is the same as the xHTML document they send to their OAM and if any additional publication to the public (e.g. in PDF) is consistent in terms of content with the xHTML document.

In the wake of the ESEF, European Investors Community is looking into standardising some concepts of interest to investors.

SRB update
Contributions 5.1.1 taxonomy is installed and NRAs can start testing. End of January is the
Resolution data are collected on taxonomy 4.0.3, which includes all reports such as critical functions and
SRB has opened a Q&A section for any party to raise questions (https://srb.europa.eu/en/content/qa)
Note: 2.9 is used for less significant institutions

EBA update
Taxonomy 2.9.1 is released in November, concerns COREP and FINREP. These taxonomies are updated after discovery of number of issues with ao. grey cells.
January 2020: an update will follow with only updated validation rules on COREP and FINREP.
EBA is elaborating 2.10 which will be released in two phases:
Phase 1 in Feb (Funding Plans, Remuneration and Fraudulent Payments)
Phase 2 in May (SBP, RES, FR Trading Book)

EIOPA update
EIOPA has published updates on the 2.4 taxonomy and pension funds. More info on https://eiopa.europa.eu/Pages/Supervision/Insurance/Data-Point-Model-and-XBRL.aspx

no update

Upcoming events
– UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, December under the presidency of Chile.
The question is raised how to move towards a reporting framework which is adopted and maybe even imposed at some point.
A volunteer network is being set up to explore the possibilities which will be picked up during the UN Climate Change Conference on December 9.

– XBRL France conference in Paris in December

Next call in January 2020. Wish you a merry Xmas and happy New Year!

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