Minutes August 30, 2017

EBA update

2.6 doubtful update on validation rules
– a number of assertions are not working as expected. Some countries (LU, FR, DE, PT, ..?) decided to deactivate or flag as doubtful on their own initiative these assertions. Feedback is awaited from the side of the EBA.
– the group will circulate for info the lists it has from various countries (FR, LU, NL, PT)

DNB plans to make formula linkbases for +/- 600 additional plausibility rules which can be added to the validation process by those who want to use them. These rules are inspired by the data quality group from ECB/EBA.

Probably this will be implemented in the course of 2018. DNB will use them in the feedback to the filers. Single instance validation, probably all of them are going to be warnings. Third parties will be happily invited to also test these rules.

Discussion on trailing and leading spaces: is this coverered or not by the XBRL or XML specifications? EBA is looking anyway at including this as should rule in the next version of its Filing Rules.

EIOPA update

2.2.0 is being tested and some schema locations seem to be missing. Flagged in Bugzilla.
Issues with LEI regular expressions, there seems to be a schema location error in the LEI taxonomy. Rule 137 may not be working as expected. The ISIN checks look partially broken. The eurofiling model.xsd schema included in the EIOPA taxonomy is not the last version. A hotfix taxonomy may be following?

ESMA update

ESMA has published a consultation about its filing manual and the ESEF format.

SRB update

SRB is in the course of finalising the EAC taxonomy version 3.0.0 for filings in January 2018.
The LDT taxonomy will probably follow after that for expected filing in May 2018. For a few banks with large instances, some assertions will likely need to be addressed in an alternative way because of a performance hit.

ECB update

Some countries will not use the Datapoints taxonomy but use the full instead, this is a possibility given by regulation.
ECB organises a BIRD meeting in September 25 for the future (include Finrep in Bird).

Upcoming events.

XBRL FR conférence annuelle
Eurofiling 24th Workshop dedicated to TODE
SDMX conference in Ethiopia
XBRL International conference ‘Data Amplified’


Eurofiling Foundation p.f. has been created by Notary.
Inquiry about alternative days/times to have the conf call?

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