Minutes June 28, 2017

EIOPA update
The PWD of the 2.2.0 taxonomy has resulted in a number of findings. Below some.
All assertions are doubled in two severance levels, this lowers performance.
Custom functions are not working properly (eg. ISIN checksum)
Table 99 is having issues, eg. with decimal item types coded with pi in stead of ii.
TV1000-1001 check every single monetary fact versus the unit and the reporting currency.
This hits the performance enormously as soon as the instance is growing.
TV5 and TV9 are similar which checks on the typed members.
EIOPA should think about improving this.
On the other hand, some old assertion problems have improved between 2.1 and 2.2.

Function on ISIN code has to be revised: it should first check the format and then the checksum and not the other way around.
Moreover, such massive check should not be triggered via assertions, but via a schema check (eg. pattern check).
It’s best to include this in the XII library. The group recommends a dialogue between EIOPA and XII.
Known issue n° 90 : sometimes there exists no collateral for some financial instruments, in which case the field is empty where it should not be empty. This is to be solved by each NCA (e.g. by asking to put ‘none’ or ‘NA’ in such a case)

EBA update
version 2.7 was released including IFRS9. Companies with a booking year <> actual year (eg. closing on 30.09) will have to continue to use the 2.6 version for some time more.
2.5 en 2.6 have some assertions with no preconditions, so they are always triggered. For some filers, they should not be triggered (eg. Portugal)

ECB update
datapoints taxonomy includes all FINREP taxonomy tables

is elaborating the next version of the EAC taxonomy, no official news yet

Eurofiling XBRL Week was a big success, thanks to all for participating and for supporting the Eurofiling Foundation.

Next meeting
Last Wednesday of July, one main topic: 2.2 official release of EIOPA

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