Minutes June 7, 2017

Group discusses good and better practises across Europe.

Topic about some taxonomies not actually stored on their intended URI
Suggestion: if so (and in other cases) please register online with XBRL International.
Note: Eurofiling taxonomies are stored in the Eurofiling domain.

Discussion about multilingualismof taxonomies. It’s a complex and time consuming process.
Eg. SRB has produced an 11-lingual taxonomy. EIOPA is making plans to introduce multilingualism

It would be nice if Filing rules were harmonised EU-wide.

Online Q&A resources are very useful but may be less handy if you want to query them.

Discussion about having a test system. The group thinks it would be good if the vendor members of XBRL Europe stepped in and took each a part of testing public working drafts of taxonomies before they are official.

Validation messages are in some cases reliant on the XBRL specification (eg. dimensionally invalid in base etc..) which stems in fact from the XBRL standard. A human-friendly-error-message modus could be nice.

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