Minutes October 31, 2018

<!– start 10h30 – end 11h30 – attendants: 20; thank you for participating –>


  • Consultation is open on the 2.9 taxonomy.
    Please read and provide comment on it if applicable, for instance on the new, modular, approach and the numbering of those modules.
  • A few observations on :
    – SBP entry point has a few problems, some columns are absent in the taxonomy.
    – CHN currency is present in the table linkbase, but not in the definition linkbase.


  • Published a new version (3.0.2) of Liability Data Report, which is an extension of the EBA taxonomy. The extension consists of 4 entry points, which import EBA tables and validation rules, and SRB-specific additional validation rules
  • all guidance and technical format for filing to SRB (by NRAs) are published on the SRB site (https://srb.europa.eu/en/content/liability-data-report)
  • links to old taxonomies are not crystal clear; suggestion is made to publish them in one place
  • SRB is working with EBA to include additional information needed by SRB for CF and FMI reports in the upcoming EBA 2.9 taxonomy.
  • the SRF taxonomy remains a taxonomy of SRB


  • Published a new version (3.0.0) of the supervisory financial reporting data points (SFRDP) taxonomy, which is also an extension of the EBA taxonomy.
  • Extension contains new tables covering only the relevant data points and validation rules. Basicly, the new tables are cut-down versions of EBA tables.
  • no changes in dictionaries<


  • Insurance Solvency 2
    • 2.3.0 hotfix is going to be e published the next Monday 5 November.
    • About 200 new validations were included in 2.3.0. Several been now corrected in the 2.3.0 hotfix. However only validations are updated within the hotfix and not other changes are made.
    • The big “S2 review” project has started. Timelines to be defined but is expected to take between 2 and 5 years till have impact in taxonomy.
  • Pension Funds:
    • 2.3.0 final version to be published next Monday 5 November applying from Q3 2019 reference date.
    • PF has the same architecture than S2 and a common DPM dictionary. However is published as separated packages for S2 and PF.
    • Project has some relevant difference respect S2. Less templates but about 150K reporting entities and part of aggregated reporting to the EIOPA.
    • Taxonomy includes also the ECB PF reporting requirements (ECB add ons) similarly to S2 . Some technical instructions combining the EIOPA and ECB requirements in a single document to help the users of the unified taxonomy are been prepared.


  • XBRL Int. is working on guidance for anchoring linkroles. A working group note on this is expected for the end of 2018.
  • OpenFiling has published solutions (http://www.openfiling.info/ixbrl/)
  • interesting new use case for Blockchain: iXBRL file with non-repudation, see http://www.openfiling.info/
  • Open Webinar, see the video record (https://youtu.be/oTHVjCZW9Ss) and the presentation slides (http://www.openfiling.info/wp-content/upLoads/data/XBRLchainWebinar20181029.pptx)


  • XBRL Int. is working on new version of the Table Linkbase specification that would allow a taxonomy autor to define the “grey cells” that are not to be reported.


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