Minutes April 25, 2018

EBA 2.8 taxonomy
People are looking at the recently published taxonomy; it’s very useful to learn about new reporting features and mechanics. A few issues were detected which will lead to a new version.
New formula error message syntax, issue with custom formula which needs fixing. It’s not always doing what it is expected to do. XII Formula Working Group has provided feedback to EBA. The full set is not compiling in some processors. This feedback is also shared with the working group.
DPM2.8 also contains a RES which is partially differently in terms of modeling.
It has an impact on the volume of some instances, with a performance hit on validation.

EIOPA – no news

A discussion follows on the reporting frameworks. It’s uncertain if the reporting frameworks overlap or not with the EBA RES framework. The only certainty we have is that the reporting instructions for entities are communicated by the NRAs themselves.

Note from XII: OIM is targeting a PR for the core specs and the JSON specs for the end of May (Warsaw), while the CSV version is still in PWD status.
It’s the objective to enable instances in another syntax than XML.

ECB – no update

ESMA – no update

Eurofiling taxonomies: Paul will help with the setting up of this and the link to XII (thanks!).

Next event: Eurofiling XBRL Week in Warsaw, cfr. http://eurofiling.info/2018/
Since this event is on the last Wednesday of the month, there will be no Group call in May.

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