2022.08.31 minutes

General note: below minutes are written by Eurofiling and are not official statements by the mentioned organisations.

EIOPA update

EIOPA published versions 2.7.0 and 2.8.0 in July. Version 2.8.0 doesn’t have validation rules, these will be added in Q1 of 2023.

For Pensions, no significant changes are expected for 2.8.0 -any such changes will then be made in release 2.9.0.

EIOPA is currently reviewing the comments received during the public consultation period that ended in June this year.

EBA update

EBA has produced 3.2.phase3 IWD1 (only remuneration updates) for xBRL subgroup review until 1 September, the final package will be published at the end of September.

ECB update

ECB has created SFRDP taxonomy version 5.1 as an extension of EBA 3.2 FINREP.

Following EBA this taxonomy will not contain different entrypoints for different consolidation levels or accounting systems.

The draft version will be shared with NCAs soon for testing. The final version is expected to be published at the end of the month September.

SRB update

The SRF taxonomy to be used for the 2023 cycle (version 8.0.2) is published in July. A taxonomy package containing all versions of the SRF taxonomy is provided as well.

The ResRep taxonomy is currently being developed, as an extension of the EBA 3.2 taxonomy. It will use the same datapoints as the EBA taxonomy; only modules and validations are added.

Just like ECB, SRB follows the approach of the EBA and won’t include the consolidation level in the entrypoint.

ESMA update

Draft ESEF RTS and taxonomy was adopted and published in June. In August, ESMA updated the ESEF reporting manual to provide guidance, among others, about marking up the notes to the IFRS consolidated financial statements using the block-tagging approach.

The manual contains a new section providing guidance to market participants on ESMA’s expectations on how to perform such block-tagging – for example, what elements from the taxonomy are to be used, what level of granularity on tagging the information is expected etc.


Questions or comments can be raised to esef@esma.europa.eu

The group discusses in the call various aspects (eg. because of a limitation of the XML model); some aspects need to be addressed by XBRL International.


Eurofiling 27th Workshop will be hosted by the Banco de Espana and Business Registers on November 2 (afternoon), 3 (whole day) and 4 (morning).

The organisation committee is being composed and more specifically, the agenda needs work. Main themes will be ESEF, DPM Refit, ESG, etc.

See https://2022.eurofiling.info/

XII is preparing the Data Amplified conference, planned for December.

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