Minutes May 29, 2019

Standard agenda:
• Roundtable on EBA, ECB, EIOPA, ESMA, SRB taxonomies and reporting requirements.

• around the implementation of the EBA taxonomy
EBA phase 1 taxonomy has been published on May 28. It contains the RES and COREP frameworks and the intention for this partial publication is to enable stakeholders to start implementing and testing already these frameworks.
BdE is programming a new release of DPMA to match this taxonomy, but also where ao. validation rules can be copied between owners keeping the link and reference to the original and not doing a hard copy.

• around the Finrep datapoints taxonomy of ECB
ECB: no particular update

• around the implementation of the EIOPA taxonomy
EIOPA: no particular update

• around the planned implementation of EBA’s RES and SRB’s LDR taxonomy
SRB is elaborating its resolution taxonomy based on the freshly published taxonomy of EBA.

• around the roadmap of ESMA on iXBRL / ESEF
ESMA: no particular update

• Upcoming events
Eurofiling Conference in Frankfurt. Don’t forget to register.

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