Minutes October 27, 2016


2.6 and 2.7 feedback from meeting about draft taxonomies

2.6 spilling assertions and variables related to grey cells are being fixed
new features: upgrade to new table linkbase spec and severity spec and warnings
a warning does not mean that there is not a problem, but the instance is not rejected and may have to be fixed anyway afterwards.

The accommodation of different levels of consolidation are being studied :
1° add dimension members, or start using the segment element
2° include conso info in the entity identifier value (which is the simpliest way)
3° use element in taxonomy to represent consolidation information
WG SUB level should take the lead so that the technical solution can be elaborated.

Discussions are ongoing to change more frequently the assertions. Solutions are being studied. Difficulty : changing taxonomy files means updating systems everywhere.
The group agrees that the approach would be best aligned between EBA and EIOPA.

Question on the processing of filing indicators with attribute “filed=false” in EBA filings.
Different NSA’s have different views on filing indicators, which is explained in EBA EFR 1.6

Example of Luxemburg’s view on filing indicators:

Central EBA page with taxonomies:

EIOPA 2.1.0
no news

ECB – AnaCredit
no news

no news

XBRL Int’l group on LEI with GLEIF.

Next meetings: XBRL FR has meeting on December 5, Singapore conference

Next call 24.11

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