November 8th, 09:30 London, 10:30 CET Brussels, 11:30 Athens.

1.     Draft presentation of the CEN WS XBRL initial ideas about Digital signature / encryption for  the CEN TC224 plenary meeting, Berlin, Nov. 2012

Due to limitations in this moment into the project team to attend, a CEN/TC224 national representative will introduce the topic on behalf on the CEN WS XBRL.

The goal is coordinated in Digital Signature & Encryption topics with the specialized CEN TC224. The is part of the e-Business Coordination Group, created for this purpose by the CEN

Comments: Explain better the alternatives to MD5 and SHA-1. Consider the CWA 14880 option.

2.     CEN WS XBRL Project  

Draft CWA3 to be made public soon.

See our public working WIKI space at  Volunteers welcomed!

Public Session: Frankfurt Dec. 12th, 11:30-14:00. See  

3.     EBA news.

Proof of concept XBRL Taxonomy for FINREP very advanced.


Social Programme for Saturday (open to all): sightseeing to Heidelberg by train!

 4.     EIOPA news.

See the public Solvency II DPM Annotated Templates & Webinar about solvency II DPM and PoC at

Evaluating tenders for XBRL development.

5.     XBRL week in Frankfurt: 11-14 December. REGISTRATION OPEN (already 45 registrations over 100 seats)

 AGENDA & LOGISTICS at  Comments welcomed!

 Draft daily time table:

  • 09:00-11:00 1st session. 11:00-11:30 coffee break. 11:30-14:00 2nd session.
  • 14:00-15:00 Lunch.
  • 15:00-16:00 3rd session. 16:00-16:30 coffee break. 16:30-17:30 4th session.
  • Note: the 1st session on Dec. 11th will start at 10:00.

 Gala dinner 12th at restaurant Gargantua, about 50 EUR, all included.

 6.     Taxonomy Architecture Guidance task force of XBRL International. See (no news, not to be included in next confcalls)

 7.     AOB.

Initial comments about next Eurofiling Workshops, and possibly continuation of the formula “XBRL week in ……” combining XBRL Europe Day and WG meetings.

 17th Eurofiling (1H2013): Potential alignment with the 26th XBRL Conference in Dublin, 30th April – 2nd May 2013. Alternatively (i.e. in the event of some urgency to show the EBA/EIOPA Taxonomies) a “plan B” is to be studied.

18th Eurofiling (2H2013): possible hosting by CSSF Luxembourg, to be detailed.  Large enough meeting room for public sessions in the “XBRL week in Luxembourg” (but at no cost) should be identified.



  • Andreas Weller (EBA)
  • Aitor Azcoaga (EIOPA)
  • Derek De Brandt  (XBRL EU)
  • Joel Vicente (CoreFiling, UK)
  • Ignacio Santos (Bank of Spain, ES)
  • Eduardo Gonzalez (Gonblan)
  • Emile Bartolé (CSSF LU)
  • Pieter Maillard (Aguilonius, BE)
  • Aftab Ahmad (The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway)
  • Piotr Malczak (GPM systemy, PL)
  • Roland Hommes (Rhocon, NL)
  • Katrin Heinze (Eurofiling coordinator)
  • Ignacio Boixo (Eurofiling coordinator)
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