October 11th, 09:30 London, 10:30 CET Brussels, 11:30 Athens

  1. CEN WS XBRL Project  Work in progress in parallel in the three CWAs

CWA1: Discussions in taxonomy Architecture. Feedback from the community to be requested in the near future. Most of the topics has been upload to www.xbrlwiki.info

CWA2 – Header: Identification of entities to be designed “Solution agnostic” and therefore being inclusive of LEI, Core Business Vocabularies, or others (if required), as nobody would known “ex ante” the future requirements.

CWA2 – Transmission/security: collecting information and existing solutions for digital signatures, certificates and so on. Signature at container level (possible inclusion of several XBRL instance documents under the same signature). See also Commission Decision 2011/130 http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:32011D0130:EN:NOT

Challenges when using a working format for on-line involvement of XBRL community (as www.xbrlwiki.info ) in parallel with the CEN final formal format

CWA3:  Work in due course at   www.xbrlwiki.info

We are working on the first proof-of-concept micro taxonomy eu-mir based on the CEN concepts, using a subset of MIR-EBC (monetary interest rates).

The simpler option is opening the DTS located at www.eurofiling.info/eu/fr/xbrl/fws/mir/2010/2012-09-24/tab/i.1/i.1.xsd

Opening the proof-of-concept micro taxonomy eu-mir in your local computer with a taxonomy editor (with possible rendering limitations if table linkbase is not used) needs to create URI mappings as follows (see also the solution on eu-mir/catalog.xml ):

Remote Syst. Id: http://www.eurofiling.info Local System Id: eu-mir\www.eurofiling.info

Remote System Id: http://www.xbrl.org    Local System Id: eu-mir\www.xbrl.org

See our public working WIKI space at www.xbrlwiki.info  Volunteers welcomed!

Next events December 12-13 and WGs 11-14: Organization and Programme. See  http://www.eurofiling.info/201212/  

 2.     EBA news.

 Agreements on Taxonomy Architecture, with publication scheduled by end of month.

Decision taken to use Option B (see full explanation at http://www.eurofiling.info/minutes/2012/06/28/20120628/ )

Carlos Martins: Working on due course of EBA DPM and agreement reached for the DB public format.

 3.      EIOPA news.

 TENDER WITH DEADLINE ON OCTOBER 29, EIOPA/OP/07/01/2012, Service provision for the development and auditing of information systems, including XBRL­-related developments (See below excerpts from Annex 2 – Terms of Reference):

Lot description and Estimated maximum values for the period of 4 years:

Lot 1 Service provision for information technology architecture, software development, quality assurance and project management support 4,500,000 EUR

Lot 2 Service provision for XBRL taxonomy modelling 400,000 EUR

Lot 3 Service provision for XBRL software development (*)  2,800,000 EUR

Lot 4 Service provision for information technology audits and studies 600,000 EUR

(*) including solutions and tools for Undertaking, described as:  

  • Managing and executing the whole life cycle of a specific software solution to easily create, complete and validate XBRL instances in order to help companies without XBRL knowledge to implement Solvency II harmonized quantitative reporting in XBRL;
  • Designing, developing, testing, maintaining, supporting and deploying other XBRL based software solutions in the financial reporting chain
  • Developing, maintaining and promoting open source solutions;
  • Training key users from the National Supervisory Authorities and EIOPA on how to use, maintain and upgrade the solutions;

Tender on XBRL Taxonomy Development,  EIOPA/NP/37/2012, closed on 10 October 2012

Proof of concept taxonomy and DPM published both at EIOPA (September 2012) https://eiopa.europa.eu/publications/eu-wide-reporting-formats/index.html and Eurofiling http://www.eurofiling.info/solvencyII/index.shtml

 4.     Taxonomy Architecture Guidance task force of XBRL International. See http://www.eurofiling.info/cen/taxonomies

 5.     AOB.

The confcall is quite noisy when a large number of attendees are present. The confcall provider has been now programmed for DO NOT announce anymore the name of the attendees, in order to avoid interruptions to the speaker.

At the end of the confcall, the chair will ask for the names of the participants for the minutes. Each participant is free for opting of DO NOT reveal his/her name.

All the attendees are kindly request to systematically mute their telephones when entering in the confcall. (i.e. simply press -in order- the two keys # 6 for mute and again # 6 for unmute).

Many thanks for your understanding.  


  •  Carlos Martins (EBA)
  • Pablo Navarro (Atos, ES)
  • Wladyslaw Krawiec (IFRS)
  • Roland Hommes (Rhocon, NL)
  • Emile Bartolé (CSSF – Luxembourg)
  • Haiko Phillip (Cundus AG)
  • Eric Jarry  (ACP – Bank of France)
  • Haizhen Chen (ACP – Bank of France)
  • Pieter Maillard (Aguilonius, BE)
  • Ignacio Santos (Bank of Spain, ES)
  • Aftab Ahmad (The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway)
  • Masatomo Goto (Fujitsu, UK)
  • Eduardo Gonzalez (Gonblan, ES)
  • Derek De Brandt  (XBRL EU)
  • Mark Creemers (NBB, BE)
  • Katrin Heinze (Eurofiling coordinator)
  • Ignacio Boixo (Eurofiling coordinator)


  • Andreas Weller (EBA)
  • Aitor Azcoaga (EIOPA)
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