Minutes July 28, 2016

1. Feed-back from the XBRL Week in Frankfurt (1st and 2Nd June 2016)

This event had a large audience (50 sessions with ~200 participants from 30 countries). Presentations here

Some important messages were :

  • The need for convergence of financial reportings in Europe – see project FDS (Financial Data Standardization), in the context of REFIT (REGulatory FITness).
  • A new type of individual data reporting ANACREDIT, for the time being not using XBRL.
  • The efforts to enhance data quality.
  • The introduction of best practices, for example, a taxonomy lifecycle in EIOPA (Governance of Taxonomy Releases and Schedule 2016).

2. EIOPA taxonomies

Version V2.1.0 of the Solvency II taxonomy was published on 15th July (after meeting: a hot-fix version allowing a data that was erroneously forbidden will be published soon).

A licence has been introduced with taxonomy version 2.1.0. This licence seems to transfer the IPR of any organization developing an extension to EIOPA, which provides then limited rights to the extension developer.

Aitor Azcoaga stated that, without any licence, the licence applicable to the contents of the EIOPA Web site would apply, and that this licence was very restrictive. EIOPA is open to discussion and encourage to the interested parties to send questions and suggestions. This discussion has already started and will last some weeks.

3. EBA taxonomies

A draft release of the V2.6 CRR taxonomy should be available very soon. The production release is planned for end October.

This version should include official versions of the Table Linkbase (Recommendation) as well as Extensible Enumerations.

4. ECB taxonomies

The ECB should publish a “DataPoints” taxonomy, with data from 10 templates of FINREP. The first reference date of this taxonomy would be End Q2 2016, a first draft should be available in October and the production version published in December.


A task force of the Supervisory Reporting working group is working on this reporting, working on a taxonomy and a POC showing the adequation of XBRL technology. Contact me if you want to be part of this task force.


The European Securities and Markets Authority is seeking a “Seconded National Expert” (SNE) with a profile in XBRL for its Investors and Issuers Department, which is part of a wider Corporate Reporting Team. (link)

7. SRB (Single Resolution Board)

The SRB will develop XBRL taxonomies. The first taxonomy will be dedicated to information needed to compute the contribution of target finnacial institutions to the SRB. Future taxonomies will be devoted to reporting.

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