July 19th 2012. 9:30 London, 10:30 Brussels, 11:30 Athens.

 1.     CEN XBRL Project

Selection of applicants agreed according to these Rules: (1) Each one of the four panellists (CEN, NEN, Proposer, Chair)  sent an independent detailed score (detailed according to public announcement) to the Secretariat (NEN), in order to be combined in an average score. (2) An individual person should be select for not more than one position (idem –with limitations-  for companies). (3) Most scored applicants are the winners. (4) The allocation of selected applicants to specific positions to be decided by the panel, matching individual profiles with positional requirements.  (5) Proposal to be sent to the European Commission for endorsement.

 Business Plan

Draft proposal of detailed scope of deliverables to be elaborated as guidance for the first F2F meeting. The business plan will include the Data Point Modelling (DPM), because EBA, EIOPA and others are implementing DPM. The rationale to include DPM in the business plan is to foster interoperable use of the DPM.

 Data Point Modelling Katrin Heinze coordinating draft contributions.

 Events scheduling

F2F meeting to be organized just after the endorsement of the European Commission for hired experts that applied, probably late September. Chair to send a survey of preferences date/location. Current calendar of XBRL events in Europe.

  • 2012 October 3: European Banking Authority, internal XBRL meeting (London) (Oct. 3 reserved for IT Sounding Board)
  • 2012 October 23: Solvency II (Paris)
  • 2012 November 28: Possible Eurofiling workshop in Frankfurt (Bundesbank).
  • 2012 December – 2013 January: Possibility of XBRL EU event in Brussels?
  • 2013 May: XBRL Intl. Conference (Dublin)
  • 2013 June (at latest). XBRL EU General Assembly  to be held before the end of this month.

Ignacio Boixo is in contact with Gilles Maguet and Derek De Brandt in order to organize an EuroFiling Workshop presenting COREP/FINREP/Solvency II 2012 taxonomies. Uncertainty: regulatory framework still no approved by the European Parliament, expected September. One month after approval the taxonomies would be ready.

 2.     EBA news (Andreas)

DPM internal discussions in progress.

Question (Hugh Wallis) Since the EBA have published their Data Point Model as an Access Database, I am wondering if there is any connection at all between your tool and this DPM that could effectively generate a taxonomy from the EBA model. If not, is there any intention to publish a tool that will effectively create a taxonomy from the EBA’s DPM ?

Answer: transforming Access to Excel (format used by  XWand / ExGen DPM taxonomy generators) is an easy task.

Question: Any decision about A-B-C options on Taxonomy architecture?

Answer: No yet, likely after summer. Nevertheless, option B looks to be well welcomed.  

 3.     EIOPA news “Tool for Undertakings” tender likely to be published in August; decision awaited on December.

 4.     Taxonomy Architecture Guidance task force of XBRL International: taxonomy questionnaire. Distributed. Régis Décamps to prepare a draft questionnaire for existing COREP/FINREP. IF new COREP/FINREP/Solvency II released before XII conference Yokohama (early November), additional questionnaires  to be drafted. Advantage: differential architecture approachs between existing and new COREP/FINREP useful for elaborate training material to close knowledge gaps for XBRL practitioners.  

 5.     AOB.

Hugh Wallis kindly asked for an extra  Eurofiling confcall in a timetable compatible with non-european time zones. Agreement for testing in an monthly confcall the last Thursday of each month. First one: July 27th at 14:00 UTC

  • Madrid (Spain)                       16:00:00  CEST UTC+2 hours   
  • Montreal (Canada – Quebec)           10:00:00  EDT  UTC-4 hours   
  • Los Angeles (U.S.A. – California)    7:00:00   PDT  UTC-7 hours   
  • Sydney (Australia – New South Wales) 0:00:00    EST  UTC+10 hours  
  • Tokyo (Japan)                        23:00:00  JST  UTC+9 hours   
  • Beijing (China)                      22:00:00  CST  UTC+8 hours   
  • Mumbai (India – Maharashtra)         19:30:00  IST  UTC+5:30 hours
  • Tel Aviv (Israel)                    17:00:00  IDT  UTC+3 hours   


  • Andreas Weller (EBA)
  • Emile Bartolé (CSSF Luxembourg)
  • Piotr Malczak (GPM systemy, PL)
  • Régis Décamps (ACP – Bank of France)
  • Pieter Maillard (Aguilonius, BE)
  • Ignacio Santos (Bank of Spain)
  • Haiko Phillip (Cundus AG)
  • Bartosz Ochocki (Br-aG, PL)
  • Peter Calvert (Calvert Consulting, UK)
  • Derek De Brandt  (XBRL EU)
  • Masatomo Goto (Fujitsu, UK)
  • Joel Vicente (CoreFiling, UK)
  • Ignacio Boixo (Eurofiling coordinator)

 APOLOGIES Katrin Heinze (Eurofiling coordinator)

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