2023.08.30 minutes

General note: below minutes are written by Eurofiling and are not official statements by the mentioned organisations.

ECB update

No update.

ESMA update

The ESEF reporting manual is updated: fixing errors and additional guidance on block tagging. Publication is expected in early September.

Editor note as of 10 September 2023: the document is published: ESMA32-60-254 rev ESEF Reporting Manual (europa.eu).

SRB update

No update.

EIOPA update

Pensions taxonomy: final release 2.9 was published in July; a hotfix update is scheduled for next summer.

FICO taxonomy: also published in July, hotfix scheduled for November of this year.

Solvency taxonomy: a hotfix for release 2.8 is scheduled for the end of September 2023 incorporating changes resulting from the extensive feedback from industry. Not all issues raised are implemented, some address the ITS and therefore can’t be included in a hotfix.

EIOPA will continue the discussion on xBRL-CSV with the NCA’s in September.

Questions and answers for EIOPA:

  1. Will the Hotfix contain changes only to validations or also data points?

While, Hotfix focuses on validations, it will also consist of ECB add-on amendments this time. So no changes to modelling on EIOPA defined DP are considered right now, but on the ECB add-ons, yes.

  • They cannot find the unified DPM in the published 2.8.0. Why?

The removal of unified DPM database was intentional. As the 2.8.0 release covers only Solvency II the unified database would consist only of Solvency II. Similar case applied for 2.9.0 Pension Funds and 2.8.1 FICOD. Therefore, during the discussion about the scope of these releases it was decided to remove the unified DPM Database from the list of deliverables due to the different publication dates of these releases. In theory we could include testing and creation of DPM unified database (Solvency II, Pension Funds, PEPP Prudential and FICOD) but it would mean the Hotfix of 2.8.0, the final of 2.9.0 (before hotfix), and final of 2.8.1 FICOD (before Hotfix).

EBA update

No update.

A question was raised on the availability of EBA taxonomy 3.3 phase 3 (IRRBB).

Expected in October. To be confirmed by EBA.

Sustainability taxonomies

IASB has published a draft taxonomy for sustainability information.

Comments are welcome until the 20th of September.

The European Commission has endorsed the regulatory framework for sustainability reporting.



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