2022.10.26 minutes

General note: below minutes are written by Eurofiling and are not official statements by the mentioned organisations.

EBA update

Phase 3 of 3.2 was published.

Next release 3.3 is from now on in preparation.

SRB update

The SRF8.0.2 published in July 2022 will be slightly amended to correct some labels.

XBRL instance created with the July taxonomy will therefore still be valid, but to show the correct rendering the hotfix would be needed.

The hotfix will be published early November 2022 and will correct the rendering (i.e. right label).

Same schema, same taxonomy version, same datapoint, only label changes.

EIOPA update

A hotfix to the Solvency II taxonomy 2.7 is foreseen by the end of next week, only validations are impacted.

ECB update

SFRDP taxonomy 5.1 has been published as extension of the EBA 3.2 FINREP taxonomy, alongside additional documentation.

ESMA update

No update

Events update

/!\ Face-to-face upcoming event, see site:  https://2022.eurofiling.info/

Eurofiling 27th Workshop will be hosted by the Banco de España and Business Registers on December 13 & 14.

Please be aware that registration closes on December 2nd COB !

Other events

8 November – FRC UK – online – Structured digital reporting, improving quality and usability

15 November – XBRL EU – online – Block tagging and the way forward

7 December – XBRL Int. – online – Data Amplified

9 December – XBRL Int. – online – Members Day

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