2020.05.27 minutes


Comments from SRB:

  • SRF taxonomy is going to be published in July, testing by NRA will be possible as from September/October.
  • LDR taxonomy (ResRep) is an extension on EBA 2.10 (Resolution framework). SRB adds entry points and modifies validation rules. No SRB-specific data points.
    The taxonomy is going to be published in September. Testing is possible by NRAs as scheduled.

Comments from SRB following questions from participants:

  • As this version is similar to the previous version the amount of data reported is expected to be similar as well.


ESMA provided the following update:

  • The main update is that ESMA is finalising the update of the RTS on ESEF which is expected for publication in the first week of June.
    It will contain an update of the ESEF taxonomy to mirror the 2020 IFRS taxonomy.


Comments from EIOPA:

  • 2.5.0 PWD is going to be published in the beginning of June, EIOPA foresees a period for comments and testing by industry and NCAs.

No significant changes when compared to 2.4.0.


Comments from ECB:

  • The official publication is still pending but the SFREP taxonomy is already out for testing.

Testing has shown that some validation rules are not to be evaluated, they will be blacklisted soon.

First remittance date is in September on reference date 2020-06-30.


EBA provided the following update:

  • DPM 2.10 phase 2 is in development phase now, a draft version should be published at the beginning of June.

Four frameworks:

  • Resolution
  • SBP
  • Covid-19 templates
  • Funding plans: a correction on the taxonomy published as DPM 2.10 phase 1: the correction is on P 02.06, a dimension CCA with value CA:x1 will be added to indicate that this table should be reported in the original currency.
  • TFERF: EBA plans to accept both XBRL-XML format and XBRL-CSV format from DPM 3.1.

Comments from participants:

  • Covid-19 reporting will be possible in Excel and XBRL format to the EBA for the June reference period.
    For the September reference period only XBRL is accepted.


Comments from Eurofiling:

  • Eurofiling is organising a few online events as announced on the website https://2020.eurofiling.info/:
    Thursday 28 May on ESEF.
    Wednesday 24 June on xBRL Innovation.

Comments from participants:

  • XII News: Virtual 2020 Back to Physical 2021. The XBRL International Board decided at its May meeting that the normal F2F conference that was being planned for the first week of November will not go ahead as a physical meeting, as the Covid 19 pandemic creates too many uncertainties. Instead, XII will be hosting a virtual event that should provide a significant opportunity for all those involved in digital reporting to interact and discuss innovation in this field. Please stay tuned for “Save the date” and calls for presentations etc.

    XBRL International does not expect to try to run a physical event in the first part of 2021. Instead, it’s expected that Data Amplified 2021 will go ahead as a physical meeting in late October/early November as usual. Please mark your diary and obtain pre-approval for this necessary travel!

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