Minutes March 27, 2019

27 March 2019 call is opened at 10h30 by Paul Hulst.

Roundtable on EBA, ECB, EIOPA, ESMA, SRB taxonomies and reporting requirements.

around the implementation of the EBA taxonomy

EBA has shared an internal working draft of the 2.9 taxonomy with NCA’s.

Comments on this version:

  • New datatype trueitemType is introduced that results in problems at the processing and/or BI-systems of some NCA’s.

A second hotfix is under consideration by EBA for 2.8.1. Most noteworthy is the change of the datatype for metric pi554 from decimalitemType to percentitemType.

Banco de España is investigating the changes that are necessary to DPM Architect to make it capable of handling these new versions.

around the Finrep data points taxonomy of ECB

A new version of the Finrep Data Points taxonomy is planned by the ECB to accommodate updates of the regulation.

Publication of the taxonomy depends on the availability of the EBA 2.9 taxonomy (Finrep framework) and the publication of the regulation itself. Given those dependencies it will most likely be after the summer of 2019.

First reference data for this new version is to be set, a likely date is 31/03/2020.

around the implementation of the EIOPA taxonomy

No update from EIOPA.

around the roadmap of ESMA on iXBRL / ESEF

A new version of the taxonomy is published by ESMA.

Noteworthy about this new version are placeholders for labels and formula’s.

around the planned implementation of EBA’s RES and SRB’s LDR taxonomy

SRB shares the update:

    • Data collection for the Liability Data Report for 2019 is underway.
      Severity of some validation rules have been changes by SRB from error to warning. SRB has shared information on this with the NRAs. SRB couldn’t publish information on the public website.
      SRB is looking into communication about these kind of changes for future releases.
    • SRF taxonomy is probably ready by the end of July 2019. It contains only small changes when compared to the current version, primarily validation rules.
      Collection of the report is planned for November 2019.
    • LDR taxonomy 2020 will again be an extension of the EBA taxonomy (i.e. 2.9). Extension necessary to provide more entry points.
      LDR taxonomy is scheduled for publication in September of 2019.
    • Critical Functions Information and Financial Market Information + all Z-templates will be collected in XBRL in 2020.

upcoming events

23rd XBRL Europe Day in Paris on 28 – 29 May in Paris.

Eurofiling event is on track, 17-18-19 June at ECB in Frankfurt.

See http://2019.eurofiling.info/ for more info.

Call is closed at 11h10

Next call is on Wednesday 24 April 2019.

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