Minutes January 30, 2019

Meeting minutes

Group is discussing various topics:

around EBA taxonomy

  • EBA comments to be working on the 2.9 release. Probably will be released in 2 large chunks, due to different dates the legislation becomes active. The way consolidation levels are implemented is likely to be the same as in previous versions of the EBA taxonomy. Proposals from different parties for improvements are still under review.
  • EBA is also working on an improved way of validation rules, messages and the way to update such rules.
    EBA is also looking into adding explanations, comments or footnotes in reports.  The tricky part will be to enforce that comments should not overrule the fact values. As these enhancements are under discussion in the various groups of the EBA a data for implementation isn’t known yet.
  • 2.8 reporting has started and is in progress.

around ECB taxonomy

  • Finrep datapoints taxonomy: nothing new to report on the current datapoints taxonomy.

around EIOPA taxonomy

  • EIOPA will update in the coming weeks the public website with the 2019 taxonomy milestones. Currently expected:
    • Solvency 2 update for 2.4.0 with relatively minor changes in the business and XBRL architecture sides.
      Using version 2 of the enumerations specification, that will allow a reported fact to contain multiple values from a list, is considered for use.
    • For Pension Funds. If there are not major issues EIOPA does plan not to publish the 2.4.0 for PF. Using therefore the current published 2.3.0 PF will be used for the 2019Q3 till 2020Q3 ref. dates reporting. And the 2.5.0 to be realised in for 2020Q4 ref. dates onwards.
  • EIOPA most probably will launch a public tender for DPM and XBRL services in the coming 4-6 weeks.
  • EIOPA will ask the all involved parties for suggestions on improving the reporting process. A mail on this is already shared with the Eurofiling community.

around ESMA on iXBRL / ESEF

  • Since the last call, the European Commission has endorsed the ESEF regulation, we are now in a period where comments are still possible (http://eurofiling.info/portal/esef-green-light-on-endorsement-of-the-rts/)
  • Taxonomy package will be isued in the next few months. The IFRS taxonomy 2017 is referenced herein.  An update to reference the 2019 version is under consideration.
  • Note: the translations in the publication of the EU is not related to the translations in the IFRS taxonomy.
  • Hence, the official EU tranlations will be included in the taxonomy.
  • Caveat: translations may be even slightly different between one member state and another.

around SRB SRF & LDR, relation to the EBA’s RES taxonomy

  • It’s observed that the ‘Excel list of validations’ features confusing numbers for validation rules. This is communicated to the SRB. Further it’s stated that the LDT and RES taxonomies are currently being used across the EU for various purposes.

around upcoming events

  • XBRL EU day in Rome in February 7 & 8
  • Eurofiling event, June 17-18-19 at the premises of the ECB (http://2019.eurofiling.info/) Early registration is recommended as seats are limited. Early booking of travel and accommodation is recommended as well since other events at the same time will make them scarce and expensive.


  • The Municipalities initiative from XBRL US with the state of Florida is discussed


Adjourned at 11h15. Next call on Wednesday 28 February 2019.

For future conference call details, please visit http://minutes.eurofiling.info/facility/


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