Minutes May 26, 2016

1) The conference call was dominated by the situation of T4U and its impact on the market place.

Nearly 20 companies have registered themselves onto Eurofiling, as valid market alternative to T4U.

The group has heard that EIOPA is willing to launch a survey on commercial tools for undertakings, as decided in the ITDC; the survey is probably being similar to the Eurofiling one (http://eurofiling.info/portal/xbrl-solutions/).

2) Frankfurt week

The group discusses about different panels and meetings

  • taxonomy life cycle?
  • various issue with hotfixes?
  • when to implement new specifications?
  • error handling and feedback?
  • quid json?

3) Taxonomies update
The group discusses the latest news on EBA taxonomies ( and EIOPA’s imminent taxonomy release (2.1.0)

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