Minutes September 24 2015

1) Concern about the growing size of the EBA taxonomies (1 Gb)

Each new version of a taxonomy, such as corep_2.2.0, contains all artifacts from the previous versions, even if they did not change.
eg. if version A_II has only one change in table 123, then with the current approach, the new taxonomy contains a full copy of all tables 1-122, which unnecessarily doubles the size of the full taxonomy.

>> The working group recommends EBA to rework in the near future the taxonomies to one synchronised taxonomy where only changed files are stored in new taxonomy versions.
2) Publication of taxonomy 2.4
The actual go-live date of this taxonomy is unclear at this point.
It’s a good thing that EBA has put “expected reference date” on the Roadmap !!

3) EBA filing rules
Some member states already start enforcing (or facilitating) filing rules such as the working of the filing indicators.
In 2.4 is specified “not before 2014-12”

4) publication of a draft of the EIOPA full S2 taxonomy is expected in the next week (around 30.09)


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