Minutes April 3rd 2014

1.     EBA news. 

faq.eurofiling.info website is now operational, as agreed in the last confcall. The goal is covering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from, initially, EBA and EIOPA frameworks, but also useful for other supply chains. A number of questions are frequently asked in relation to the current EBA implementation. As the future EIOPA implementation is based in the same filing rules, the answers should be also useful. The websites of the Authorities are not necessarily fully oriented to XBRL questions. The Official Channels to communicate typos/doubts/errors on XBRL to European Authorities are:

BackgroundEBA’s Single Rulebook“EBA is coordinating a Single Rulebook Q&A process. Through this process, the EBA will be in charge of answering questions from stakeholders on the practical implementation of the CRD IV package and the technical standards and guidelines as part of the legislative text.”

When typing “XBRL” in the box “Keywords” in the Single Rulebook Q&A process,  two questions are located, of which one has this “Rationale for rejection: This question has been rejected because it does not relate to the consistent and effective application of the legal framework covered by this tool. The Single Rule Book Q&A tool has been established to provide explanations and non-binding interpretations on the practical implementation or application of the provisions of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (Capital Requirements Regulation or CRR) and Directive 2013/36/EU (Capital Requirements Directive or CRD) as well as associated technical standards and EBA guidelines already in force. For further information on the purpose of this tool and on how to submit questions please see “Additional background and guidance for asking questions“.

2.     EIOPA news. None

3.     ESMA’s ESEF (European Single Electronic Format). 

Marc Labat (ESMA) as confirmed speaker in the 19th Eurofiling Workshop, May 5, Rome

4.     CEN WS XBRL Project and Standards/Practices.

5.     Events and AOB.

13 XBRL EU Day & 19 Eurofiling . May 5, 6, 7. Rome.

XBRL/DPM tutorial, May 7th, IS NOW FULLY BOOKED. With only 50 seats in two rooms (entry and advanced level), excellent trainers (Herm Fischer and BR-AG Team), and free of cost, the registration has been very (too) successful.

[2014-04-03] Solvabilité II Paris (today)

[2014-04-22] XBRL Spain, 10 years. Madrid

[2014-06-09 & 11] 26th International XBRL Conference Orlando (Florida)

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