Minutes August 29th 2013

1. CEN WS XBRL Project.

CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreements (CWA) available for public comments.

You are kindly invited to comment, even with a simple “no comments” :-)

Topics (among others) arising for Supervsory work, as (among others) definition of precission in aritmethic operations -depending of the value of “decimals” in XBRL instances-, or also the publication of taxonomy editions -specially about updates in taxonomy formulas-

Even the CEN WS XBRL project formally was scheduled for 2012 and 2013 only, it is the intention of Chair and Convenors to continue collaborating in the next years, updating and disseminating deliverables.

2. EBA news. No news

3. EIOPA news. No news.

4. Events.

12th XBRL EU Day, 18th Eurofiling Workshop, CEN WS XBRL: Luxembourg, 10-11 December 2013. www.eurofiling.info/201312Hotels updated.

Standards Developers Forum, organized by XBRL International at Bank of Spain premises. Madrid, 19-20 November 2013. See www.xbrl.org/event/standards-developers-forum

October 9th,  meeting in Brussels, CEN, e-business Coordination Group. Ignacio representing CEN WS XBRL community

5. AOB.

Aitor Azcoaga (EIOPA)
Anne Bini (Invoke, FR)
Emile Bartolé (CSSF, LU)
Haizhen Chen (Bank of France, FR)
Ignacio Boixo (Eurofiling coordinator)
Ignacio Santos (Bank of Spain, ES)
Masatomo Goto (Fujitsu, UK)
Wladyslaw Krawiec (IFRS)

Andreas Weller (EBA)
Joel Vicente (CoreFiling, UK)

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