2022.05.25 minutes

Note: below minutes are written by Eurofiling and are not official statements by the mentioned organisations.

ESMA update

Following the update of the IFRS taxonomy on 24 March, ESMA is currently working on amending the ESEF RTS to be published asap and submit it to the European Commission to launch the EU approval process.

EBA update

EBA 3.2.p2 is expected to be published on or around June 3rd.

This release contains many frameworks as they needed to be updated to implement the removal of the consolidation level from the entrypoint.
The number of content changes is limited.

EBA 3.2 phase 3 will contain a significantly modified version of the Renumeration framework to accommodate reporting by investment firms as well.

More details on the identification of the reporting institution will be provided at the next call in June.

During the Eurofiling meeting on June 22, EBA will present the new taxonomy architecture in view of the DPM Refit approach.

One of the changes will be a technique to version hierarchies and enumerations.

EBA 3.2 contains a new “non-empty string” type; this type will be imposed from 30.06.2022 with the first IF reporting. As is part of dictionary, this restriction is placed also on submissions for other frameworks and on all resubmissions.

ECB update

ECB is working on a new version of SFRDP begin an extension of the EBA FINREP taxonomy as usual. More info on the publication timeline in the next call.

EIOPA update

EIOPA is expected to publish the public working draft for 2.7.0 which includes Solvency 2, IORP and PEPP at the beginning of June.

Around the same time, the second public working draft nr.2 for 2.8 is also expected, which includes elements stemming from the big review of Solvency II. This version will not include changes for IORP or PEPP, because they are covered by the 2.7 taxonomy.

SRB update

Regarding preparation for SRF 2023: taxonomy v8.x will be published in the course of July. ResRep v7.x will be built as an extension of EBA 3.2 expected to be published in September.


June 7: XBRL Switzerland: session on mandatory climate reporting

June 13 – 14: 30th XBRL Europe conference in Paris

June 22: EBA/EIOPA/Eurofiling webinar on the Data Point Model methodology and its evolution to the DPM Refit.

More info on next events are mentioned on the https://eurofiling.info/portal/events/.

A hands-on Eurofiling conference is being planned for after the summer

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