2022.03.30 minutes

EBA update

Release 3.2.phase 1 is published on 10 March 2022.

Also published on 10 March is small validation rules package. This taxonomy package updates the severity class (ERROR or WARNING) for a limited number of validation rules.

For this information EBA uses a special page on the website: Small validation rules packages | European Banking Authority (europa.eu).

EBA is currently working on 3.2.phase 2. It contains content updates for SBP, RES and FP frameworks. It also contains new modules for frameworks FINREP, COVID19, MREL, Notification and PAY without references to consolidation level (con/ind) and accounting system (ifrs/gaap) in the entrypoint.  An internal working draft version is planned to be shared with NCA’s for testing towards the end of April. Publication is planned for early June.

After 3.2.phase2 EBA will start work on phase3 which will contain an update for framework Renumeration. Publication is planned for September.

EBA is also working on the DPM Refit project, which will have an impact on the Eurofiling Taxonomy Architecture.

EIOPA update

At the end of February the first working draft of release 2.7.0 was published containing the reporting requirements for Solvency II, IORP and PEPP.

On June 1st a second working draft of release 2.7.0 is expected that will contain update to the reporting requirements and the validation rules.

In the beginning of April a first working draft of release 2.8.0 will be published, that reflects the big review of the reporting requirements.

A second working draft of 2.8.0 containing improvements to the structure is planned for the end of July or early August.

A third release scheduled for early 2023 will contain the validation rules for 2.8.0.

EIOPA will organise a taxonomy-meets-the-market webinar on April 6, register via the following link: https://www.eiopa.europa.eu/content/event-registration-form_en

ECB update

No developments compared to what was stated last month.

SRB update

Regarding preparation for SRF 2023: taxonomy v8.x will be published in the course of July. No big changes expected.

ResRep v7.x will be built as an extension of 3.2, with 4 modules (LDT, CFR, CIR and FMI) which is expected to be published in September.

People interested in the slides used at the last SRB ICT Network can contact Jean-Philippe Bohy at Jean-Philippe.BOHY[at]srb.europa.eu.


The ESEF Regulatory Technical Standards for 2022 was adopted by the European Parliament and subsequently published in the Official Journal on 7 March.
This means that the ESEF 2022 taxonomy can be used for filing as it enters into force on 27 March.

IASB has recently published the IFRS 2022 taxonomy on 24 March. ESMA is analysing the new version and considering amendments to the RTS and ESEF taxonomy.

The 2021 ESEF conformance suite and filing rules are available on the ESMA website.  Feedback on these documents is appreciated and will be used by ESMA to further improve them.


EIOPA meet the market on April 6.

XBRL-EU conference in Paris on June 13 and 14.


XBRL International has developed data quality rules for ESEF reporting using the XULE language (not XBRL Formula).

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