2020.08.26 minutes

EIOPA update

Comments from EIOPA:

EIOPA will probably deliver by 1 November a hotfix for the 2.5.0 taxonomy. Similar to other previous years only the non-working validations will be fixed.

EIOPA is following the XBRL specification development in the context of TFERF which are planned to be applied for Solvency 2 and Pension Funds taxonomy by 2.7.0 release (about June 2022 release).

EIOPA is working with the EBA and ECB on the “DPM refit” during this summer.

SRB update

Comments from SRB:

SRB has published to the NRAs the taxonomy for the Single Resolution Fund reporting; new Filing Rules are also issued.

After approval of the Board (in September) the pack will be published.

ESMA update

Comments from ESMA:

ESMA published in July an update to the ESEF Reporting Manual.

Future publications (expected in Autumn): 2020 XBRL taxonomy files and 2020 Conformance Suite test files.

Feedback is welcome at esef@esma.europa.eu.

In response to question by one attendant, ESMA staff indicated that the update to the IFRS taxonomy linked to the covid19 related rent concessions (IFRS 16) which was published by the IFRS Foundation in summer is not expected to be incorporated into the 2020 taxonomy. Therefore preparers will need to create extensions (see guidance in the Reporting Manual).

EBA update

No update from EBA.

Comments from participants:

Taxonomy 2.10 was released in its final form with a small update on SBP on August 3.

ECB update

No update from ECB.

Upcoming events

  • Eurofiling DPM event on 22 October 2020

Data Point Modelling was created as a CEN standard in format of a CWA and is widely used across Europe in Supervisory Reporting.

More info on https://2020.eurofiling.info/.

  • Eurofiling Blockchain

event in preparation, date is to be determined and program is under development.

  • ESG Reporting.

On Environment, Sustainability and Government, date is to determined and program are under development.

Note: Eurofiling offers the possibility to anyone to organize other events in the area of European Regulatory Reporting if in scope of the bylaws of the Foundation. Please contact the Eurofiling Foundation who can provide you with logistics and publicity to attract the audience.

Next call

Wednesday 30 September 2020 via the normal phone facility (freeconference call). See http://minutes.eurofiling.info/facility/.



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