Minutes August 28, 2019

► EBA update

Haizhen explains details about the published 2.9 phase 2 taxonomy by EBA. This release also includes some fixes on the phase 1 taxonomy (Resolution and COREP). In January 2020 an update will follow covering only validation rules.

► ECB update

ECB is starting its preparations to extend from the 2.9 phase taxonomy its FINREP DataPoints taxonomy.

► EIOPA update

The final SII taxonomy v 2.4.0 has been published on July 15 as scheduled. Applicability date is 31.12.2019

EIOPA meanwhile starts a consultation on the technical formats and will conduct a meet-the-market session further this year. More details will follow.

► ESMA update

ESMA has shared information with the group in writing.

Further, members of the group are interested in experiences from national implementations and more precisely who is active in making extension taxonomies.

► SRB update

For Liability Data, Critical Functions, FMI and CIR: a draft taxonomy based on the first EBA 2.9.0 taxonomy is published on the website of SRB. The final taxonomy based on EBA (hotfix) is under preparation and will be published before the end of September.

For Single Resolution Fund the draft taxonomy is shared with NRAs in closed circle, the final taxonomy is expected to be made public soon.

► Upcoming events

XBRL Conference in Shangai in autumn.

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