Minutes March 29, 2017

1) EIOPA update.

EIOPA continues to work on version 2.2.0 which will include business corrections and amendments.
The amendments in the Legal text (ITS) still not confirmed but the scope of suggested amendments is not having material changes but only the result of correcting mistakes reported to the public Q&A tool of the SII and the xbrl mailbox. Mainly correction of labels and clarifications.

The taxonomy will have a relatively big set of technical enhancements for ao. extensible enumerations, reporting for special cases and other that will be detailed in the June PWD.

PWD is scheduled to be available early June, by mid July the official taxonomy will be final for publication.

Later in the year – by first December according with the EIOPA’s public Governance of taxonomy– it will be decided If there will be a corrective release.

As published in the EIOPA website, due to budget restrictions EIOPA will have to decommission the T4U from the second half of 2017 after undertakings have conducted the first Solvency II reporting exercise. The Tool will not be updated to support the 2.2.0 or following taxonomies. EIOPA expects that market providers will be able to reuse and support the solutions developed by the T4U project and has made the tool available through an open source model.

2) EBA update
2.7 will be released incl. IFRS9. There is a small issue with filers who have their closing year not matching the calender year.
Some assertions have issues comparing sums of facts with a constant; this does not work fine with interval arithmetics.
EBA is inquiring to have a 2.6 hotfix, which will probably be released before the end of April.

3) ECB
DP taxonomy is based on EBA’s 2.6 taxonomy.
Each NCA decides to implement or not, choosing to enable only DP tables or the full tables which are also part of the taxonomy.
The group wonders if it would not be useful for ECB to set up a contact point for questions.

4) Frankfurt agenda discussion.
See 2017.eurofiling.info for more information. Registration Desk opens today.

Henceforth and until further notice, the SR Working Group call will take place on the last Wednesday of the month.

Next conf call:  April 26, 2017

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