Minutes July 11th 2013

1.     CEN WS XBRL Project   Breaking news !

The draft CEN-CENELEC Workshop Agreement is NOW available for a public, 60-day commenting period.

You can send your comments on the draft Workshop Agreement to the Workshop Secretary, Maarten Peelen, NEN, for 9 October 2013 at the latest, using this commenting form. (here an example comment form).

Download the draft CWA or at ftp:/ftp.cencenelec.eu/CEN/Sectors/TCandWorkshops/Workshops/CWA_XBRL_draft.zip

CWA1, headed by Katrin Heinze (Bundesbank, Deutschland)
.- European data point methodology
.- Guidelines for data point modeling
.- European XBRL Taxonomy Architecture
.- European Filing Rules
CWA2, headed by Emile Bartolé (Comm. Surveillance Secteur Financier, Luxemb.)
.- Metadata container
CWA3, headed by Aitor Azcoaga (European Insurance & O.  P. Authority, Europe)
.- XBRL Supervisory Roll-out Guide
.- XBRL Handbook for Declarers

The number and diversity of comments are a clear proxy of the interest and acceptance of the work among the community. You are kindly invited to comment, even if your comment is simply a short “no comments” :-)

Incentive for comments: Read the Special Action

2.     EBA news.

3.     EIOPA news. New release of Solvency II taxonomy (updates and fixing bugs) to be published soon.

4.     Events.

See the presentations of CRD IV Reporting at conference.eurofiling.info and 11th XBRL Europe Day, 17th Eurofiling Workshop & CEN WS XBRL at   www.eurofiling.info/201306

Standards Interoperability Forum. Madrid, 18-20 November 2013. (in preparation) Discussions on logistics.

5.     AOB. 

Aitor Azcoaga (EIOPA)
Emile Bartolé (CSSF, LU)
Ignacio Boixo (Eurofiling coordinator)
Ignacio Santos (Bank of Spain, ES)
Joel Vicente (CoreFiling, UK)
Masatomo Goto (Fujitsu, UK)
Pablo Navarro (Atos, ES)
Pieter Maillard (Aguilonius, BE)

Anne Bini (Invoke, FR)
Katrin Heinze (Eurofiling coordinator)

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