Minutes December 27th, 09:30 London, 10:30 Brussels, 11:30 Athens.

1.     CEN WS XBRL Project  See our public working WIKI space at www.xbrlwiki.info  

See the CEN Workshop Agreements discussed in Dec. 12th at http://www.eurofiling.info/cen/documents/

Preparation of a proof of concept about Core Business Vocabulary using Data Point Modelling methodology discussed. This task is to be carried out ASAP leaded by Javi Mora and Ignacio Boixo with early review of Bartosz Ochocki. Collaborators welcomed!

2.     EBA news. No news

3.     EIOPA news. No news

4.     XBRL week in Frankfurt and events for 2013:

XBRL week in Frankfurt pictures: All the photos (meetings and social events) available at http://www.eurofiling.info/201212/201212_pictures.shtml

Planning of next meetings:

  • April 19, Friday. CEN WS XBRL core team meeting scheduled in Dublin. Looking for hosting.
  • 1H2013. Options for Eurofiling (and XBRL Europe Day) meetings under viability research (London, Scandinavia…). Proposals welcomed!
  • December 2013: XBRL week in Luxemburg in preparation.  

5.     AOB.

Happy New Year 2013 to the EuroFiling community!

Bartosz Ochocki (BR-AG, PL)
Ignacio Santos (Bank of Spain)
Joel Vicente (CoreFiling, UK)
Eduardo Gonzalez (Gonblan, ES)
Ignacio Boixo (Eurofiling coordinator)

Roland Hommes (Rhocon, NL)

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