Minutes December 6th, 09:30 London, 10:30 Brussels, 11:30 Athens.

1.     CEN WS XBRL Project  See our public working WIKI space at www.xbrlwiki.info  

See the CEN Workshop Agreements to be discussed in Dec. 12th at http://www.eurofiling.info/cen/documents/

Documents to be discussed in full detail on Dec. 11th meeting 10:00 – 18:00. During the discussion, it hopefully arise comments and improvements to be developed during 2013, to close the project on Dec. 2013 in Luxembourg.

At the end of the Dec.11th meeting, it is scheduled a dress rehearsal of the plenary session on Dec. 12th, 11:30 to 14:00.  As the discussions are scheduled for Dec. 11th, it is not expected long dialogs for Dec 12th

Moreover, in the public session on Dec. 12th are registered 100+ attendees, being the communication basically unidirectional from speaker to public, with no (or very few) interaction from public to speaker.

Each convenor (CWA1, CWA2, and CWA3) is in charge of organize their presentation of key points, in about 15 minutes. The degree of details should be accommodated to a large audience and the draft status of deliverables.

2.     EBA news. European Parliament still developing CRD IV Directive. Draft FINREP taxonomy on work.

3.     EIOPA news. Next Taxonomy release scheduled for Jan./Feb. 2013

4.     XBRL week in Frankfurt: 11-14 December.

Registration closed. Agenda, organizations/positions attending,  and social programme updated at www.eurofiling.info/201212 Gala dinner fully booked.

See your registration info at http://www.eurofiling.info/201212/RegistrationList2012FrankfurtPublic.xls

Logistic resources fully booked with organization issues. No suggestions for webinar tools received (see http://www.eurofiling.info/minutes November 29th ). In conclusion, no webinar for off-site attendance is scheduled.

5.     AOB.   Next confcall on Dec. 20th

Andreas Weller (EBA)
Emile Bartolé (CSSF LU)
Joel Vicente (CoreFiling, UK)
Pieter Maillard (Aguilonius, BE)
Eduardo Gonzalez (Gonblan, ES)
Haizhen Chen (ACP – Bank of France)
Eric Jarry  (ACP – Bank of France)
Mark Creemers (Bank of Belgium)
Masatomo Goto (Fujitsu, UK)
Wladyslaw Krawiec (IFRS)
Poul Kjær (Aguilonius Nordic)
Derek De Brandt (XBRL EU)
Ignacio Boixo (Eurofiling coordinator)

Aitor Azcoaga (EIOPA)
Katrin Heinze (Eurofiling coordinator)

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