2024.02.29 minutes

General note: below minutes are written by Eurofiling and are not official statements by the mentioned organisations.


written update received :

3.4 is published at the beginning of 02/2024

3.5 is being created under DRR studio including updates on FRTB, DORA, FICO and diversity benchmarking, the publication is scheduled for June/July 2024


SRB is working on the implementation of (1) the new taxonomy architecture that comes with DPM 2.0 and (2) xBRL-CSV for Resolution Reporting.

More updates on that at the ICT network meetings in March and/or June.

SRB expects to keep the Fund Reporting in the current taxonomy architecture (based on DPM 1.0).

The documentation provided with EBA 3.4 MREL-TLAC is unclear on the first reference data (24Q2 or 24Q3). SRB is in discussion with EBA to address that uncertainty.


ESMA reported that there are no updates this month.


Solvency II: 2.8.0 is expected to be used for reporting in 2025.

IORP: a hotfix will be published in June 2024 for release 2.9.0.

PEPP: 2.7 will remain in use.

xBRL-CSV and taxonomy architecture 2.0: they will be implemented in release 2.10 which is applicable from 2026. This release will also be made available in the current taxonomy architecture (DPM 1.0).

On the issues discussed at the call in January: all are resolved.


No news.


On Thursday 29 February 2024 EFRAG organizes a workshop regarding the draft ESRS taxonomy that they recently published for public consultation.

Replies to the consultation are expected no later than 8 April 2024:  PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON THE DRAFT XBRL TAXONOMY FOR ESRS SET 1.


23 – 24 May 2024: XBRL EU conference in Valetta, Malta: Registration is opened! – 32nd XBRL EUROPE DAYS IN VALLETTA (MALTA) – 23-24 may 2024 – | XBRL

5-6 June 2024: Eurofiling conference hosted by the Bank of Ireland: Eurofiling Conference 2024 – 5-6 June, Dublin: Future Frontiers

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